Established in 2018


We all have our adventures in life. Some of them are breaking free from your daily routines, getting our hand dirty in the overwhelming presence of Mother nature. It´s here, at the tip of the world under a flaming sky, you really see and feel the greatness that life has offered us and all we tend to be blindfolded from in the city lights.

We went further. Our adventure was breaking free from city life, bringing our three children to Buvik and building a dream. For us, this is the center of everything that makes us live and breathe. The eagles surfing the high winds, whales coming from the South, Skrei (cod) coming from North, the ever-shifting colors in the horizon, the dancing flames from The Northern Lights framing it all in like a masterpiece.

This is our dream and we love to share it with you.

We look forward to your stay.

Lyngra & Mortensen